Official temp hits zero as cold snap hits Kodiak, set your taps to trickle water to prevent freezing

Brrrrr!  It’s cold out there.

The official temperature at the airport was a big goose egg at noon today — 0 degrees.

KMXT received the following Nixle message from the Kodiak Police Department.


Official temp at noon in Kodiak on Jan. 2 was zero.
This thermometer is from a home in Bells Flats Thursday morning. Photo: KMXT/Maggie Wall.


The City of Kodiak Public Works Department wants to remind the public with the recent Cold spell to keep their water running from a faucet to prevent pipes from freezing.

During this cold spell without any snow cover, the ground is freezing to a lower depth than the past several winters. Some residents are starting to experience water service lines that are buried at a shallow depth freezing.

While the weather may fluctuate and get warm, we ask that the public please continue to keep the water running from a faucet even after the weather  starts to warm up. The ground will stay frozen for an extended period of time so pipes will continue to freeze.

For more information visit the City’s online Winter Information Guide at 

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 486-8060.

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