City council honors two local ‘legends,’ Dr. Bob Johnson and Coach Joe Floyd

The Kodiak City Council last night also honored the passing of two pillars of the community, Dr. Bob Johnson died on January 31, and Coach Joe Floyd passed away last weekend.


Mayor Pat Branson lost her voice as she started the comments, as did Council Member Terry Haines who was the last to comment.

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Mayor Pat Branson: Finally, we lost to Kodiak legends this month Dr. Bob and Joe Floyd and

didn’t think I’d tear up. Just special people, they made the community better, and each of us betters will miss them.


Laura Arboleda: Two legends indeed that were lost and will be greatly missed. They made such an impact in this community. And we could all learn a lot from them. And just a lot of people idolize them, so they will be greatly missed. And thankfully, their families are still here and we have people to, you know, look up to now that they’re not here.


John Widdon: I’d also like to express my condolences to the Johnson family and to the Floyd family. And the best way I can sum up both of those gentlemen who just left us is the absolute dedication to Kodiak, and both the children and also just the community as a whole. And without either one of them, Kodiak would be a less a place for it. So they leave a legacy that we will live with for many, many, many years. So thank you for them and just blessings to the families.


Cliff Davidson: Yes, we did. We lost two pillars to our community. Recently Dr. Bob and, and Mr. Joe Floyd, or Coach, as they call him. Both contributed greatly to our community and making it is what it is today.


Randall Bishop: I’d also like to extend my condolences to the Johnson and Floyd families of my prayers go out to you guys.


Rich Walker: Yes, our prayers are with the families of coach Joe Floyd and Dr. Bob Johnson, their longtime supporters of Kodiak and our families, and they’ll be sorely missed. I want to say that talk to Bob and coach Floyd.



Dr. Bob Johnson with wife, Marian.

Joe Floyd, courtesey


Terry Haines: Shoot, man, you’ve got me going, man, they’re sorry. I lost they represent the best of us. You know, I think they represented Kodiak, I got the honor of getting to know coach Floyd as the husband of Mayor Floyd. And I mean, anyone who knows coach Floyd knows what I mean. I mean, what a fine fellow!

I watched him walk through the security of the airport once and all the bells and whistles started going off. Everything’s like boop, boop, boop. They’re like what? And he goes, ‘Well, I do have this pacemaker.’ And they said, “Well, no, you can’t do that. You could drop dead. You can just walk through a series of pacemaker.”

But it was just an honor to know him. And I can’t say enough about Dr. Bob. He’s,

I mean, what can you say? So, just thank you to both these fine gentlemen.”


City Mayor and Kodiak City Council Members sharing thoughts of Dr. Bob Johnson and Coach Joe Floyd, icons of the community who passed away within a month of each other.

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