Council approves Fish Tax plan, Near Island lease, and payment for extra snow removal help

The Kodiak City Council last night approved a lease at Trident Basin and adopted a method for sharing the state’s Raw Fish Tax among area governments.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has this report.


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The Kodiak City Council authorized a 25-year lease for four parcels on Near Island for the use by Island Air Service. This is not new land being leased; the parcels are already in use at the Trident Basin Float Plane facility.


Eric Howard with Island Air Service spoke at the public hearing he said the lease will help his company serve tourism and rural residents.


“So I was mostly speaking to the rural residents that don’t live in any of the villages. Most of our village flights all operate out of the state airport, though we do occasionally use float planes to help with the developers traffic when our wheel planes are unable to make it in there. But I was mostly speaking to being able to serve the people that have remote cabins that are not located within any of the villages.”


Under New Business the council approved a resolution which adopts an alternative method for distributing the Shared Fisheries Business Tax—which many call the Fish Landing Tax.

As City Manager Mike Tvenge said, the alternative must be approved by all governments involved. In this region, this includes Ahkiok, Kodiak, Kodiak Island Borough, Larsen Bay, Old Harbor, Ouzinkie and Port Lions.


“The total Fiscal Year 2020 program allocation to be shared within the Management Area 13 is estimated to be $426,267 and 13 cents, compared to $254,478 in Fiscal Year ‘19. Kodiak’s share for Fiscal Year 2020 is estimated to be $126,857 and 49 cents.”


Fishing boats in Kodiak. (Photo by James Brooks / Flickr)


The council also authorized the city to pay Golden Alaska Excavating LLC for the cost of equipment and an operator for snow removal work was approved unanimously. The city manager explains.


“The City of Kodiak hired Golden Alaska Escavating, LLC, to mobilize and operate a loader and a dozer at the city’s snow dump off Pillar Road. Golden Alaska Excavating provided a loader, a dozer, and an operator.

“They were instructed to stack snow as high as their equipment could reach as all of our equipment and personnel were very busy. The city does not own a dozer.

“During each budget cycle Public Works has included funding to hire a contractor to stack snow at the designated site. And recent winners have not required the use of this account.”


Several council members last night reminded residents to be careful driving in town while the roads are being cleared and to move their vehicles when needed.

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