School district reviews its pandemic flu response, ‘Planning is a good thing,’ said superintendent LeDoux


Part of his job is to prepare for things we all hope never happens.

So said Kodiak Island Borough School District Superintendent Larry LeDoux, who last night presented an overview of the district’s plan for dealing with infectious diseases in the schools.

Though the odds of the coronavirus hitting Kodiak are remote, LeDoux, like many people and organizations who could be on the frontlines if a pandemic occurs, says it’s best to go through the paces to make sure everyone knows what to do, and that all the systems work as expected.


“The coronavirus is in the news and it seems to be spreading, and the World Health Organization has declared a worldwide emergency, so it seemed prudent, if you will, for me to review our pandemic preparations in case we ever have one here in the school.”


LeDoux refers to his pandemic preparations as a quiet campaign. Low key. Not intended to get anyone unduly concerned, because at this point there is no threat.

But, also at the same time, LeDoux wants parents and students to get the message to practice flu etiquette. Students will get refresher training on good hygiene, basics designed to diminish the spread of any illness, such as frequent handwashing, always cover your mouth when coughing, and stay home if you are sick.

He says parents can expect to hear more on the school’s flu prevention plan.


“Just to let them know that we’re thinking about those kinds of things should the case be necessary.”




While in the background school officials are taking stock of emergency supplies and are reviewing how they will educate 2,200 students if the schools needed shut down for an extended period of time.


“Just in case. Not that I have any preconceived notion that it’s going to happen. But, again, you know, planning is a good thing for disaster management.”


LeDoux’s presentation suggested eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. It also suggests having at home a supply of face masks, gloves and disinfectant products.


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