Borough assembly considers disposing of two tax foreclosure properties

When it meets this evening, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will hold a public hearing on disposing of two pieces of land foreclosed because the owners did not pay property taxes.

The parcels were acquired through foreclosure during Tax Year 2007 and are located on Amook Island and in Larsen Bay.


The Kodiak Island Borough Building. (Photo by Kayla Desroches/KMXT)


According to information in the meeting packet online, the ordinance establishes that the borough finds that these parcels are not needed for public purposes, and therefore they can be declared as surplus. That means it’s possible that these two pieces of land could be made available for sale to the public at some point in the future.

Also on tonight’s agenda are two contracts. One is a change order for the borough building boiler room renovation, and the other seeks design work for the replacement of the Salonie Creek culverts.

This work is for culverts on the road to the Salonie Creek Rifle Range where one culvert was recently replaced by the Kodiak Island Sportsman’s Association. However, it doesn’t meet requirements for salmon passage. That culvert will be the first to be fixed, according to the packet material. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has set a deadline of September 30 for that culvert to be replaced. The other five are tentatively scheduled for next summer.

The company being considered for the $51,000 design project is based in Oregon and specializes in restoring wetlands, lakes and rivers, and focuses on fish passages such as what is needed for these culverts.

Tonight’s assembly meeting begins at 6:30 in the assembly chambers and will be broadcast live on KMXT.

As a reminder, anyone can comment on any issue they want to bring up with the assembly during Citizens’ Comment periods. A person has three minutes during which to speak. These occur near the beginning of the meeting and near the end.

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