Borough assembly to hold emergncy meeting and regular meeting by teleconference Thursday

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly has a double meeting this evening, a regular meeting and an emergency meeting, both are being teleconferenced in order to limit the number of people congregating in one place.

The ordinance being considered during the emergency meeting would authorized the assembly to conduct meetings by teleconference and to allow members to call in in the event they need to self-isolate due to the coronavirus.

It also allows physical public access to meetings to be limited, though meetings would be made available to the public by broadcast or other means.

This ordinance would be a temporary, precautionary measure only, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. No known instance of the coronavirus has appeared on Kodiak Island yet, though a number of CORVID-19 cases have been confirmed statewide.


Kodiak Island Borough offices. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)


Last night the Kodiak Emergency Services Council declared a Local Public Health Disaster Emergency in preparation of tackling the coronavirus should it hit Kodiak.

The public hearing on the proposed emergency ordinance will be held during the regular meeting part of tonight’s two-meeting event.

KMXT will broadcast the meetings live beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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