Kodiak COVID-19 count climbs from 17 to 25 cases this week

Please note: There’s been an update to this story. The Kodiak Emergency Operations Services Organization sent out a notice Friday evening reporting a new case of COVID-19 in the Kodiak Island Borough involving a non-resident in the seafood industry. The total of  number of cases, though, remains unchanged  at 25. One of four reported earlier in the day, also involving a seafood worker, has been taken off the list. So the total number of cases still remains at 25. 

20200731 Positive Test Announcement – Correction and Case 25

Kodiak’s count for COVID-19 infections jumped by 9 cases this week. The Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization reported four more cases today (Friday). All of those are travel related and involve non-residents working in the seafood industry.

Five other infections reported earlier this week were travel related.

Currently, a total of 25 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Kodiak region. Nine of those are active.

Kodiak’s public health nurse, Elsa DeHart, says one of the cases this week involved a Kodiak resident who tested positive while off the island. That person, she says, remains off-island.  A small family group made up three of the cases. DeHart says they’ve been isolated, along with the other who tested positive for the virus.

Despite this spike in new cases, DeHart says the rate of COVID-19 spread in Kodiak is still relatively low, because the community has been working hard to prevent new cases and also been good about catching new cases early and isolating them.


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