Kodiak sees new cluster of COVID-19 cases

Kodiak Island has seen a sudden  spike in corona virus cases. The Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization says the total number of those testing positive for COVID-19 has reached fifteen.

The two most recent cases were reported today (Saturday). Health officials believe Case #14 is a resident travel case, while Case #15 is community spread. They say more details are pending.

Case #13, which was reported yesterday (Friday), is now known to be a non-resident, community spread case. Health officials say this person is a close contact of a previously announced case

Department of Public Health staffers will conduct a contact investigation and remain in touch with all people who are in isolation and considered to have active cases of COVID-19.

Since Thursday, the Kodiak region has seen five new cases of COVID-19.

Here’s the press release from the Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization.

20200711 Positive Test Announcement – Case 14-15

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