Election update: Kavanaugh, Smith, Williams elected; Prop 1 likely won’t pass


There will be two new members on the Borough Assembly soon.

That’s according to the unofficial election results released Wednesday morning.

Geoff Smith and Aimee Williams will likely join incumbent Julie Kavanaugh on the Assembly after the election is ratified later this month.

Incumbent Rebecca Skinner was not re-elected to her seat. And the mandate was overwhelming. The top-three vote-getters—Kavanaugh, Smith, and Williams—earned over 1,000 votes each, with Smith as the top vote-getter with 1,016 votes.

Absentee and mail-in ballots, especially those from the villages, have all yet to be counted, but considering mail-in trends from previous elections, that won’t be enough for Skinner to make up the 350-vote deficit she faces to reclaim her seat.

The other contested election is Proposition 1, the ballot measure permitting the Assembly to tap into the $40 million Facilities Fund for bond debt repayment. The measure, as of now, is being approved by voters, but with a narrow 40-vote margin, it won’t likely achieve the two-thirds positive vote. Absentee and mail-in votes, though, could swing these unofficial results.

The deadline for absentee ballots to be received by election officials is October 13. Election certification will begin October 14.

All other municipal elections were not contested.

In the borough, Katie Oliver and Duncan Fields retained their seats on the school board. Craig Walton and Richard Carstens were re-elected to the board of Fire Protection Area Number 1. Service Area 1 re-elected Scott Arndt, Curtis Howell, and Mike Sirofchuk to their board, as were Greg Egle and David Heuman to the Womens Bay Service Area board.

The City of Kodiak re-elected Randy Bishop to the city council, and elected Bob Stanford to fill one open seat.

Stay tuned to KMXT for election updates and analysis.

Correction: The early version of this story was unclear if Proposition 1 had officially passed. This version clarifies that ballot propositions require a 2/3 vote of approval to pass.

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