Kodiak Island COVID Count: Seven new cases, total of 90

The number of COVID-19 cases associated with the Kodiak Island Borough has climbed to 90.

The Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization says there have been seven new reports of COVID exposure.

20201005 Positive Test Announcement – Case 84-90

The first two cases were reported on Friday afternoon and involved residents. The source of transmission for this outbreak is still being investigated.

On Saturday, four cases were identified. The emergency services group says three were close contacts of a positive case last week and had all been in quarantine, prior to testing positive. The fourth case on Saturday was community spread.

Another case was reported this morning (Monday) – and that person is a close contact of a previous case.

All seven of the new cases are in isolation, with efforts underway to trace all close contacts. Sixteen cases are considered active locally. The emergency services group says all but two of these new cases can be traced to an isolated gathering.

Some of these new cases are tied to the Coast Guard station in Kodiak. As of Sunday, the Coast Guard said it had a total of 13 COVID-cases involving service members and dependents.

The Kodiak Emergency Services Council met on Monday to reassess the risk status for the Kodiak region, which is currently at green. Although the Kodiak Coast Guard Base recently moved from an AMBER risk status to RED, the council decided to keep Kodiak’s risk status at green.

20201005 Press Release – Community Mitigation Plan Risk Level Remains Green


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