As cases slow, Kodiak Island Borough School District schools set to reopen Monday

As COVID-19 seems to be slowing down in Kodiak, the Kodiak Island Borough School District will be opening its doors once again for in-person schooling.

School Superintendent Larry LeDoux is optimistic.

“We’re hoping for the best. Kids need to be in school, and we want them in an environment where they can be safe and where the staff is safe,” LeDoux said. “Opening school really requires a careful consideration of a balance between safety and the need to be at school. And we think we’ve reached the point where we can invite kids back to school.”

While it is evident that the pandemic is far from over, LeDoux is confident that the school district will rise to the challenge.

“Yes, a Christmas surge is certainly a possibility. But not a sure thing. If you remember, Kodiak was an island of calm when Anchorage broke out for a couple of months ahead of time, and Fairbanks, we were able as a community to keep our contingent level low, most of our contingent hit during early December, and hit us hard,” LeDoux said.

“We’re hoping that we’ll go back to low contagion or certainly a downward trajectory of contagion in the community. So yes, we are certainly keeping a close eye on the numbers. We’re developing alternative strategies that would help us mitigate contagion without fully going to remote.”

In the meantime, students will enjoy what may be their last weekend without take-home assignments.

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