Four test positive for COVID-19 at Akutan processing plant

Four employees at the Trident Seafoods processing plant in Akutan have tested positive for coronavirus, the company said in a press release yesterday (Monday).

The plant has about 700 employees on Akutan island in the Aleutian Chain. The Seattle Times reported that the four employees who tested positive were roommates. They tested negative for the virus before flying to Akutan and had completed a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

The Akutan plant is the largest processing plant that Trident operates in Alaska, and is a closed campus where employees are not allowed to be in contact with other island residents.

Stefanie Moreland, spokesperson for Trident, said the company will conduct an investigation to find out how positive cases appeared on the Akutan campus. Moreland added that these are the first known positive cases occurring in a Trident processing facility in Alaska.

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