LISTEN: Scandies Rose hearings, day 2

Day Two of the USCG’s Scandies Rose hearings featured several witnesses:

  • Noelle Runyan from the National Weather Service. Runyan spoke about the weather conditions, particularly the freezing spray, the night of the Scandies sinking. Runyan also spoke to how the NWS communicates with mariners about weather conditions. LISTEN HERE.
  • Ed Ehlers, project manager at Lovrics SeaCraft, was in charge of the repairs and overhaul that the Scandies Rose underwent in drydock in early 2019. LISTEN HERE
  • Erling Jacobsen, a marine surveyor, completed the most recent survey and valuation of the Scandies Rose after drydock repairs. LISTEN HERE: part 1       LISTEN HERE: part 2
  • Jordan Young, welder at Highmark Marine Fabrication: LISTEN HERE
  • Kerry Walsh, Global Salvage Rep: LISTEN HERE

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