Scam call season is here- here’s what Kodiak Police says to watch out for

If you’re active on local Kodiak Facebook groups- or perhaps, if you own a phone- you’re well aware of the deluge of scam phone calls that have been assailing Kodiak’s residents. Many of the calls impersonated law enforcement agencies, and imitated existing phone numbers. KMXT spoke to Kodiak Police Department’s Lieutenant Francis de la Fuente on the scam calls.

Lt. de la Fuente:

So there’s really no way of– if it’s really a number that mimics a local number, these are all computer generated their software is… the scammers are really getting better and better at it. But the main point to realize is no government agency that is calling you would need personal information. Because chances are if it’s a legit government… let’s say law enforcement agency; we already know the information. We do not and will not call and ask for your social security card or anything like that. The number, address– chances are if we do have a warrant, rest assured KPD will knock on your door and we have, you know, a marked police unit. An officer in uniform with a badge and ID… credentials are always a key. And we’re lucky enough, we’re not so big an agency that, chances are, you’ve met our officers already or have seen them on our Facebook page.


So in in as a general rule, then if law enforcement is looking for you, they’ll probably find you and it’s not– they’re not going to place a phone call to you asking for any of your information?

Lt. de la Fuente:

Yeah, we’re not going to collect money.


Lt. de la Fuente says that it’s no coincidence that it seems like the calls are more frequent.



Is there sort of like a seasonal frequency that these scams happen with?

Lt. de la Fuente:

Yeah. So now everybody’s getting the stimulus checks. So it’s always Christmas time or a big tax refund time. Now it’s dual; you got some people that will be getting tax refunds, and some people got the stimulus checks, and that’s money people have.


But there are steps you can take to contribute to combatting this problem.


Lt. de la Fuente:

There is, however a way to report this. I mean, it takes time– the Federal Trade Commission, we suggest everybody who gets a call, go online and report that fraud. They’re the government agency that tracks and helps law enforcement… they can pinpoint or they can figure out by way of tracking, let’s say a hotspot or they coordinate with law enforcement if there is a way to track it.

According to KPD, the issue is felt nationwide, and is not unique to Kodiak. Be vigilant, and remember that law enforcement agencies won’t solicit money from you over the phone, and will serve warrants to you in person.    

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