Talk of The Rock: The return of KAMSS


The Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium, or KAMSS, will be returning to Kodiak online next week after the event was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event brings the research of scientists of all stripes to the public sphere. Marine biology and climate research are always a particular draw on Kodiak, as those in the fishing industry take a deep interest in the long term health of the ocean.

Julie Matweyou, chair of the steering committee for KAMSS, spoke with KMXT’s Dylan Simard on Talk of The Rock to discuss the symposium’s return.

“And with the intent to bring the information back to the community, the events always been free and open to the public, and provides a venue for people to get together and talk about what’s happening in their backyard,” Matweyou said.

KAMSS will return Monday April 19th, with opening remarks in the evening, and then will be mornings and evenings throughout the week. Those interested can register at

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