Kodiak Ididarock race to return this Saturday

As the days lengthen and the sun shines down on Kodiak, the rumble and roar of powered sports vehicles echoes once again through trails and backwoods of Kodiak. No doubt their riders are looking forward to the Ididarock this upcoming Saturday.

The Ididarock is a longstanding off-road race with ATVs, dirt bikes, side-by-sides, and now foot runners that happens on an annual basis on Kodiak. According to Leonard Martin, the founder of the race, he dreamed up the idea in 2015 and expanded the race’s scope the following year.

“And we had five teams, but it then developed that there were a bunch of dirt bike riders wanting to do it, (and) side by sides. So in 2016, we let other groups in- so the way it is now we do dirt bikes, ATVs, and side by sides. And you have to have a team, at least two vehicles per team, and you can have as many on your team as you want. The object is to get from point A to point B- your whole team- to get a team time with even five minute intervals,” Martin said.

The race covers 34 miles, beginning at mile 29.5, going south to Lake Miam, looping up by Saltery Cove and coming back north along the American River. It crosses multiple bridges in various states of repair, and represents some of the toughest terrain Kodiak has to offer.

The slowest time clocked in at over 21 hours after a series of vehicles got stuck and their riders walked out. The fastest time was one and a half hours on an ATV, in exceptionally good weather. A feat that Martin says will never be repeated.

But in spite of the difficulty, the riders love it. They relish the challenge, and the fees for the race go to a good cause.

“And we donate the proceeds after I pay for the insurance and the permit and buy everybody hoodies and hotdogs and root beer. Whatever is left over we donate to the veterans, Kodiak Veterans Outreach,” Martin said.

Those interested in the Kodiak Ididarock can register up to Saturday morning, the day of. Information is available at the Ididarock Off Road Challenge Facebook page, or you can register in-person at Kodiak Powersports & Marine.

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