Olds River Inn Brewery creates new promotional beer; 100% of sales go towards charity

When Fred and Mary Barber got a phone call from Stache Strong, a 501c (3) charity for brain cancer research, they wasted no time in lending their support.

The Stache Strong charity has a unique fundraiser that they host every May; they ask breweries around the country to create their own unique take on a particular beer. And the Barbers are owners and brewers for the Olds River Inn, Restaurant & Brewery.

Fred took it upon himself to make his own version of the beer.

“They wanted it an IPA, and they wanted a single malt, single hop. And so we basically tried to come up with a recipe that would work and so I- I have basically my little computer program, we kind of put together something that seemed like it would taste good. And we brewed it, and we tried it- we thought it was delicious,” Fred said.

This beer is presently available at the Olds River Inn, and 100% of its sales go to the Stache Strong charity. The Barbers said that they didn’t need much convincing to join on, but as they learned more about the cause, the importance of their work took on new gravity.

“We realized how many people have actually run into this brain cancer issue, which is kind of frightening. You know, it hits people really fast, you know, and seems like it takes a lot of people’s lives,” Fred said.

They say that the sales were good on the first weekend, and that they expect the trend to continue.

“We’ll have a little running tally on a board, I think maybe to kind of see how much we’ve raised, you know, and so I think the first weekend, we might have raised 500 bucks or something roughly so which you know, and today sale for two days of service. So that was nice,” Fred said.

The beer will be available throughout the month of May, or until it runs out.

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