With COVID-19 rates declining in Kodiak, KIBSD looks to the Summer

As the Kodiak Island Borough School District begins to look ahead to its summer class schedule, Superintendent Larry LeDoux spoke to KMXT about the school district’s plan for the future where the pandemic is concerned.

“We see summer school services- our Summer Enhancement Program- as an extension of the current school year in preparation for the next school year. So the transition will be in-person; kids will be wearing masks. And we hope to integrate the learning particularly in ELA- English, Language Arts and math, in an environment where kids can have fun,” LeDoux said.

The school has largely had success in keeping COVID cases down since they reopened, and many extracurricular activities are appearing again in Kodiak schools.

“We’ve been working closely to communicate to parents from very first. And our community has a low rate of transmission right now. And that has allowed us to make activities more available for kids. So currently… if you go down to the fields, on Friday afternoon, or Thursday, you may see 200 students participating in soccer, and track and softball and baseball. And then if you walked into one of our gyms, you might see wrestling going on,” LeDoux said.

“So we’re really happy- we’ve had visiting teams come down here, and they test before they come here, and this week, we have some students traveling to the mainland and we will test them all when they leave. And so far, it’s been going very, very well. We still wear masks in school, we still maximize social distancing. But last Saturday night, we had a prom- probably one of the few high schools in the state to have a prom.”

Summer programming for KIBSD begins in early June.

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