As COVID gains foothold in Kodiak, doctors urge public to get vaccinated

On Wednesday’s episode of the Lowdown on KMXT 100.1 FM Doctors Evan Jones and Shana Theobald discussed the delta variant of COVID-19 and its ever-increasing presence worldwide, and the vaccines necessary to avert disaster.

Only 56% of the total Kodiak Island Borough population has more than one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine according to the state vaccine portal, and every percentage point is crucial.

The EOC and health service providers around the island have worked desperately to move the needle in the last few months, with limited success. But now with a new wave of cases likely powered by the delta variant COVID strain, we asked the doctors what arguments they were having success with.

Doctor Jones was quick to point out that the disease is indeed worse than the cure.

“One or two of my visits every week is somebody who had the virus six months ago, and still is fighting it to this day. How many visits have I had from bad vaccine outcomes? Zero, none, not one single follow-up,” Jones said.

Jones also spoke in defense of those resistant to getting the COVID vaccine.

“Don’t treat people like they’re stupid, don’t say these guys are idiots for not getting vaccinated. They’re not- a lot of them are just a little bit scared. A lot of them are misinformed. And part of being a friend is informing them and comforting them,” Jones said.

With that said, Doctor Theobald reiterated on the unique privilege it is to have such easy access to the COVID vaccine.

“The lower the vaccination rates, the poorer the outcomes. And I think we’re just going to continue to see that pattern. It is sad to me that we have so much vaccine surplus in the United States and wealthy countries while the globe is desperate to get some of that vaccine into their population. And I just wish there was a way to evenly spread it among everyone, especially the people that really need it right away,” Theobald said.

The doctors ultimately agreed that COVID-19 is absolutely present again in Kodiak, and reiterated their plea that those twelve and older get the vaccine. Those interested who are not already vaccinated should contact one of the local clinics or their physician and get an appointment as soon as possible.

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