COVID Update Reader 08/27/2021

Today (Friday) the Kodiak Emergency Operations Center reported nineteen (19) new cases of COVID 19 for the Kodiak Island Borough.


Nine (9) cases are close contacts of previously reported cases, three (3) cases are travel related, and seven (7) cases are classified as community spread.


One hundred sixteen (116) cases are currently classified as active locally. There are two (2) active cases currently hospitalized in Kodiak.


To date, one thousand five hundred seventy-two (1572) cases, sixty-nine (69) local hospitalizations, and five (5) deaths have been associated with COVID 19 for the Kodiak Island Borough.


Residents are encouraged to stay home if ill, even if you have mild symptoms. Keep your distance from others whenever possible, and wear masks where appropriate.


If you wish to be tested for COVID 19 contact your medical provider, Kodiak Community Health Center, or Kodiak Area Native Association.


Vaccinations are available in Kodiak. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist if you would like to be vaccinated.


The EOC Public Information Office can be contacted at


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