Kavanaugh resigns from Borough Assembly

Julie Kavanaugh (official KIB Assembly photo)

Kodiak Borough Assembly member Julie Kavanaugh resigned her seat on the assembly this [TUESDAY] afternoon.

In a brief letter addressed to Mayor Bill Roberts and the Assembly, Kavanaugh wrote that her reasons for resigning are due to QUOTE “new challenges” END QUOTE that require her attention.

Kavanaugh was first elected to the Borough Assembly in 2017, and was recently re-elected last fall. Her term expires in 2023.

Kavanaugh’s resignation comes weeks after Assembly member Duane Dvorak resigned his seat, citing personal reasons.

With these two resignations and two other seats—currently held by James Turner and Dennis Symmons—up for grabs this election season, Kodiak could have an entirely new majority of Assembly members this fall.  Four of the seven Assembly seats are either open due to resignation or up for election.

Two other members—Geoff Smith and Aimee Williams—are still relatively new to the Assembly, having been elected to their seats only ten months ago.

Kavanaugh included in her letter appreciation for the Assembly’s QUOTE “dedication to Kodiak and its desire to provide good leadership to our residents.” END QUOTE

The candidacy period for open Assembly seats opened on August 2 and closes on Monday, August 16.  Both incumbents, James Turner and Dennis Symmons, have already declared their candidacies.

Kodiak residents interested in applying for the seat vacated by Dvorak must submit an application by August 20th.  The borough will determine details for Kavanaugh’s seat at a later date.

[Edit: Update on Dennis Symmons filing candidacy on August 10th]



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