“Shop the Rock” to return to Kodiak Wednesday

Shop the Rock is returning to Kodiak this week, beginning on Wednesday and lasting until Saturday. Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Director Jena Lowmaster explains that this is more than just another sale.

“Shop the Rock is coming up on Wednesday, August 25, all the way through August 28, which is Saturday. And there’ll be sales and specialists all around Kodiak to help promoting shop local, and to welcome all of our Coast Guard families who are new to Kodiak and show them what we all have to offer from a local business standpoint. And also to prepare everybody to get back to school since that’s coming up very quickly for everybody,” Lowmaster said.

According to Lowmaster, Kodiak has stood alongside its small business community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think a lot of people have made a very conscious effort within our community and the communities all over the country, to really shop local and to help those people within your community thrive,” Lowmaster said.

Deals, hours, and participating businesses are detailed by the Chamber of Commerce on the Facebook page “Kodiak Shop the Rock.

Some select businesses are also engaging in a special celebration of local customers.

“We are having a scavenger hunt that select businesses anticipating in and like I said, we will have this information on Facebook as to who’s participating at the moment. But basically, all you need to go in is find their clue that they’ll list potentially on their door as you come into the shop or somewhere very visible for people to see. And at that point, the customer will find the item and take a photo of themselves with that item and share it to the Kodiak shop, the rock Facebook page, or their Instagram page, which is also Kodiak shop the rock. If you don’t have social media, and you’re not on social media, please send it to the chamber at chamber@kodiak.org. But from there and on your social media or in your email, just hashtag Kodak Shop the Rock and what business you’re in as well. So that way, we all have those participants in the scavenger hunt, we’ll go into a pool where we will then select winners for merchandise from each of the participating businesses for people to win,” Lowmaster said.

The list of participating businesses on the chamber “Kodiak Shop the Rock” page may be incomplete. When in doubt, calling the business in question will be the best source of information.

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