Eastside and Southwest Sections and the South Peninsula close to Tanner Fishing

The Eastside and Southwest Sections of the Kodiak tanner crab fishery and the Eastern and Western Sections of the South Peninsula District have closed for the season.

All waters of the Eastside and Southwest Sections of the Kodiak District closed to commercial Tanner crab fishing at 5:59 p.m. on Saturday (January 22, 2022).

Fishing in the Eastern Section of the South Peninsula District closed at 2 PM on Monday, and fishing closed in the Western Section at 5:59 PM on Monday.

Fishermen’s pots must open and unbaited in the closed sections. Open and unbaited pots may be stored in waters greater than 25 fathoms in depth for 7 days after the closure. After 7 days, all pots must be removed from the water or placed in waters 25 fathoms in depth or less.

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