KIBSD reopens some schools for in-person learning, but not all

The Kodiak Island Borough School District is determined to return to in-person learning, but it isn’t proving as easy as was hoped. The school district initially planned to return to having all classes in person on Tuesday, but staff shortfalls have delayed the elementary school’s reopening until next week.

The middle school and high school will be returning to in person learning as planned, but superintendent Larry LeDoux acknowledges that the situation is constantly changing.

“We’re evaluating the number of staff members who we know are going to be absent tomorrow for COVID, or other reasons that people are absent. So we’re taking a close look at that; we have fewer subs available tomorrow than we had last week. But we have some staff returning that were on quarantine,” LeDoux said.

The school announced its closure last Wednesday, as it struggled to staff its classrooms amid teacher absences spurred by the Omicron variant’s arrival on Kodiak. It was the second closure of the Kodiak High School in two weeks.

LeDoux says that school buses in particular are a problem this week; three bus drivers are absent.

“Anything’s possible. It could be that some routes will be prioritized over others, it just depends on the availability,” LeDoux said.

On Monday morning, the school district reached out to parents of students in the special services department, asking for families to voluntarily transport their students to and from schools due to bus driver shortages.

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