Bycatch Task Force to make initial recommendations at September meeting

The state’s Bycatch Review Task Force is preparing its first recommendations. 

On a recent visit to Kodiak, Gov. Mike Dunleavy said the group would make a series of preliminary proposals at its Sept. 20 meeting in Anchorage.

“We’re looking at the science, we’re looking at all kinds of data, we’re looking at how people catch fish, genetics, etc.,” said Dunleavy. “But hopefully in September we will have some recommendations – preliminary recommendations.”

The Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force was formed in November of last year to study bycatch – which is the incidental catch of non-target marine species – and its consequences in fisheries in state and federal waters.

The group is composed of 13 members and divided into four subcommittees that have met monthly since January.

Dunleavy said while September’s meeting will include draft recommendations from the Task Force, he expects a final report sometime in November.


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