Kodiak Island Borough to transfer ownership of Larsen Bay school

Kodiak Island Borough Assembly members voted unanimously at Thursday’s regular meeting to dispose of the Larsen Bay school. Ownership of the facility and the parcel it sits on will be transferred at no cost to the village of Larsen Bay, which plans to use the building as a multi-use facility for residents. That includes maintaining classroom space for any village students.

Enrollment at the school in the village of Larsen Bay – which is on the west side of the island – has dwindled over the years to less than 10 students, and the borough closed the school in 2018. Although, it has continued to pay for the building’s upkeep, which cost $67,899 for fiscal year 2022. The building has cost the borough $17,849 so far for fiscal year 2023.

Assembly member Joe Delgado said turning over the property to the village was in everyone’s best interest.

“It’s gonna be good to get this off the books and it’s gonna benefit us all. What I really like about this is the interest of the students of the village are being thought of and I think that’s the most important thing,” said Delgado.

If the village needs to reestablish a school, the village of Larsen Bay will either make additional classroom space available on the property, or provide the borough with an alternative location for a school school site as part of the agreement.

Assembly members also voted at Thursday’s meeting to appoint Scott Arndt to the seat left vacant by Aimee Williams. Williams was voted in as the new Borough Mayor during last month’s municipal election. Arndt had previously served on the borough assembly, and narrowly lost his seat during October’s election.

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