Koniag, Inc. revamps shareholder business directory

Koniag, Incorporated recently launched an updated version of their shareholder business directory. The Native Corporation’s goal is to make it easy to find and support Native-owned businesses.

Stacey Simmons is the senior director of shareholder services for Koniag, inc. She says the new directory is designed to help their shareholders stand out in their respective niches. 

The Koniag, Inc. office on Near Island on a snowy day. March 30, 2023. (Brian Venua/KMXT)

“We have different categories – there’s art, there’s food, clothing, fishing, education, we are not limited. If there was a business that isn’t represented in our browsed categories, then we could add it,” she said.

Simmons says now that the updated directory is live, the Native Corporation is looking for more businesses to add as a benefit to shareholders and registered descendants. 

Forms to be featured on the new business directory can be found on Koniag’s website. Simmons says she hopes to highlight shareholder and descendent-owned businesses everywhere to help more people find Native entrepreneurs. 

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