NTSB releases report on the sinking of F/V The Challenger

The National Transportation Safety Board released its findings on August 30 for a Kodiak fishing boat that capsized northeast of the village of Karluk on August 7, last year. 

​​​The Challenger capsizing after striking a submerged rock off the coast of Alaska. (Alward Fisheries, via the NTSB’s website)

The Challenger was a total loss and damages  exceeded $600,000, although no injuries or pollution were reported from the incident.

According to the report, the boat’s captain told NTSB investigators he knew there was a submerged rock in the area, but did not mark where in his charts. The report said he wanted to be closer to the shore for better fishing and to avoid harsh weather. 

In their report, NTSB staff cited the sinking could have been prevented with multiple watertight compartments to help keep water from filling the hull. 

Marine hazards like uncharted and submerged rocks can be reported to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s online charts.

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