Preliminary results for Kodiak municipal elections are in

City of Kodiak

Pat Branson held her position for mayor with 390 votes and beat Alan Seale, who got just 361 votes. Six votes went to write-in candidates. 

The City Council had three candidates competing for two open seats. Bob Stanford will retain his position on the Council with 503 votes so far, and will be joined by Annika Woods, who got 481 votes. Randall Bishop was in third place with 295 votes. 17 votes were for write-in candidates.

Kodiak Island Borough

The Kodiak Island Borough will have Scott Arndt retain his position as mayor after he received 1164 votes. Write in candidates got 158 votes aggregate. 

The Borough Assembly has some close races for its three open seats. Ryan Sharratt received 1096 votes as well and will retain his position with the borough. Bo Whiteside came in second with 841 votes. Steven Ames is in the lead for the third open seat with 802 votes. That’s just 8 votes ahead of Monique Lewis, who got 794 votes. Write-in candidates got 70 votes combined for the borough assembly. 

The school district’s board of education will have Kerry Irons join them. She received 936 votes. She’s joined by Duncan Fields, who will stay on the board after getting 746 votes. Beate Daly came in third place with 675 votes. Aaron Griffin came in fourth place 598 votes. Write in candidates for school board received 13 votes.

The borough is still canvassing 737 votes from the villages and 12 votes by mail. Staff are also questioning 36 more ballots. All votes must be given to the borough by Tuesday next week to be counted for this election.

All of these results are unofficial for now and are expected to be certified next week. 


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