Hundreds of kids wander Kodiak for Downtown Trick or Treat


Kodiak had a few events to celebrate Halloween but the centerpiece event was the downtown trick or treating held by the Chamber of Commerce. Hundreds of costumed children wandered downtown in the rain and wind to fill their buckets and bags for the holiday. 

Some of the kids wore rain and winter coats for the cold. (Brian Venua/KMXT)

Beth Koehler is one of the owners of Grand Slam Toys and Games. She just moved to the new marketplace downtown in the last few weeks and it’s her  first time participating in the annual tradition. 

“We’re really excited to participate this year, we have been bringing our kids down since they were little and they’re teenagers now and to be able to finally participate downtown, It’s so exciting,” she said. “I love seeing all the little kids – we’ve had a couple come in already and it’s just so fun and sweet and just exciting.” 

Her family even coordinated their outfits for the holiday.

“We’ve never done a family costume and our 16-year-old was like ‘Can we do a family costume?’ and I’m not gonna turn a 16-year-old down,” she said.

They dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Their daughter was Red, their son was the huntsman, the father was the big bad wolf, and Beth was the grandma from the story. 

The Koehler kids didn’t join their parents until a bit later during the celebrations. (Brian Venua/KMXT)

Even the Kodiak Police Department made an appearance. They have an office at the harbor, just across the street from the main festivities, but they were giving candy out the back of a cop car to be a bit closer to the action. Francis de la Fuente is a public information officer for the department.

“It’s such an awkward position and it’s better to be right here with everybody, y’know?” he said.

KPD even had staff dressed as a police dog. (Brian Venua/KMXT)

He said giving out candy is one of his favorite parts of the job. 

“This is one of the best days in Kodiak – we see all the kids rain or shine,” de la Fuente said. “They’re all right here so just seeing the smiling faces of all the kids are pretty good.”

Sixty-four businesses participated in the celebration this year, but a representative for the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce said by phone that they’re already planning to make Downtown Trick or Treat even bigger next year. 

One of the youngest participants was celebrating their first time trick or treating at just 17 months old. (Brian Venua/KMXT)

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