Kodiak Island Borough Assembly approves Capital Improvement Project priorities

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly approved its capital improvement project priorities list at its meeting last night (Thurs, Jan. 4). 

The St. Herman Harbor Infrastructure Replacement project tops the list, and the borough is asking for an estimated $5 million from the state going into the 2024 legislative session. St. Herman Harbor is owned by the City of Kodiak, and has been in declining condition for years. 

Storms last year led to further damage, and at least one ship sank while docked in the harbor as recently as November. The City Council has also listed replacing all of the harbor’s infrastructure as a top priority and expects to pay about $56 million by the time construction is completed. 

The Assembly is also asking the Legislature for money to improve the island’s healthcare facilities. They’re asking for $1 million to replace the borough-owned hospital’s boilers and other water systems. Assembly members are requesting another $1.2 million to go towards expanding the Kodiak Community Health Clinic. 

At the bottom of the projects’ list for Kodiak is a $1.8 million request to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment plant facility. 

Village projects include a $1.2 million ask for the Larsen Bay’s Reservoir Spill Way and $8 million to go towards a water distribution system replacement in Port Lions. According to a borough staff report, the spill way for Larsen Bay is near failure and the Port Lions water systems were improperly installed when it was replaced in 1994.

Smaller asks include $250,000 for water tank installation in Karluk, $100,000 for the septic tank replacement in Old Harbor, and $35,000 for insulation for the fire station in Port Lions. 

The Kodiak Island Borough ended their CIP priorities list with an ask of $9 million for road improvements around the island.

The Legislature convenes for the 2024 session on January 15.

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