City of Kodiak signs lease agreement for land adjacent to new fire station, lease includes pizza for local firefighters

Updated Feb. 13, 2024

Kodiak’s City Council approved a land lease agreement on Mill Bay Road for the city of Kodiak’s new fire station. Specifically, .18 acres of land located at 1248 and 1250 Mill Bay Road that is owned by SondaCo LLC. The roughly two-year lease will cost the city $2,000 per month starting in April and extending through June of 2026.

It’s the latest development in the ongoing project to replace the deteriorating fire station. The current building is 80-years-old, and sections of sheet rock have fallen out, along with persistent water damage. The structural integrity of the building also continues to be at risk after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Alaska in 2018.

The latest estimates for the replacement project total roughly $16 million, and the city is still looking for at least $2 million specifically for building a new fire station.

But there’s an unusual pizza clause within the land lease that requires the property’s owner Kevin Arndt, listed under SondaCo LLC, to provide two extra-large pizzas from his business Piza Pit to the Kodiak Fire Department every month. Arndt added in the pizza clause voluntarily.

Councilmember Annika Woods says while this type of clause is uncommon, it will have an impact on local firefighters.

“I think that is a very clever and unique way to boost morale for the fire department while they are going through a pretty big change,” she said. “Especially considering they have the unique situation of living in their work environment.”

Councilmember Woods also noted that the lease was already signed and approved by City Manager Mike Tvenge in early January.

The pizzas will be free and won’t cost the fire department anything other than a tip to the delivery driver.
Based on discussions during previous city council meetings last month, construction on the new fire station is expected to begin early this spring, 2024.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated the estimated cost of the new fire station was roughly $30 million when in fact it is closer to $16 million. The article has been updated with the correct figure and KMXT regrets the error.

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