Kodiak Island Borough’s assessor certified at highest level, one of five in the state of Alaska

Taxes – even just the word – can trigger a negative reaction in people. But this spring, it’s not all bad news for Kodiak’s tax-paying residents. The Kodiak Island Borough announced that their tax assessor is one of the best in the state. 

Assessors and appraisers can be rated in levels of one to five by meeting certain qualifications, according to the Alaska Association of Assessing Officers’ – one being the lowest and five being the highest. And Kodiak Island’s assessor, Seema Garoutte, is certified to level 5. 

Borough Manager Aimee Williams commended Garoutte for her achievement during a recent Borough Assembly meeting on March 7.

“[On March 7] our assessor got her level five, which is the highest you can get certification[-wise]. So I’m really, really excited for Seema and the Borough and that’s a big deal for her, so congratulations to our assessor,” Williams stated.

The Alaska Association of Assessing Officers told KMXT that Garoutte is one of five in the state with a level 5 certification. According to the State Assessor’s office, the state does not track how many assessors have a level 5 certification in Alaska.

A bill currently being discussed in the Alaska Senate, SB242, would overhaul the state’s standards for property assessments and require all assessors working with municipalities to maintain a minimum of a level 3 certification, or work under the supervision of an individual who does.

Right now, there is no minimum certification level required for assessors in the state of Alaska.

Kodiak Island residents can contact the borough’s assessing department with any questions related to their property assessments by calling 907 486 9353.

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