Alaska Fisheries Report 25 May 2023

Siikauraq Martha Whiting ice fishing for Sheefish. The Iñupiaq name for sheefish is sii (pronounced like “see” in English) USFWS/Katrina Liebich

This week on the Alaska Fisheries Report with Terry Haines: Alaska Public Radio’s Liz Ruskin reports on efforts to reshape the Federal Fishery “Management Commandments.” Plus Desiree Hagen of KOTZ tells of the connection between spawning sheefish and slumping permafrost. Katrina Liebich/USFWS Siikauraq Martha Whiting ice fishing for Sheefish. The Iñupiaq name for sheefish is sii (pronounced like “see” in English) …

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State files charges against vessel for illegal bottom trawling near Kodiak

The State of Alaska has filed criminal misdemeanor charges against a vessel operator caught illegally trawling near the south end of Kodiak Island, according to a press release filed by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Law Enforcement tipped the Coast Guard and Alaska Wildlife Troopers that a ship was allegedly using non-pelagic, or …

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NOAA seeking public comment on proposed threatened listing for sunflower sea star

Earlier this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposed listing the sunflower sea star as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The proposal comes as disease has wiped out billions of sea stars from California up the western coast to the Aleutians in Alaska. Now, the agency is asking for public comment ahead of its decision. Sea star wasting …

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10 billion snow crabs disappeared from the Bering Sea. Scientists and fishermen are working together to understand why

The snow crabs’ population in the Bering Sea off the western coast of Alaska has fluctuated for decades. An increase in young crabs back in 2018 gave way to optimism that fishing would be good for years to come, but the hope was short-lived. Gabriel Prout and his family own the fishing vessel Silver Spray in Kodiak, Alaska.  The fishing …

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As mariculture in Alaska grows, industry leaders look abroad for inspiration

Alaska’s mariculture industry was awarded $49 million in federal funding last year to develop the state’s burgeoning kelp market. Now, industry leaders are looking across the Pacific Ocean for inspiration on how to keep the state’s kelp scene growing. Nick Mangini is a kelp farmer and mariculture director for the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, which is also known as SWAMC …

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