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Bugs Do Dirty Work


Mary Donaldson/KMXT There is a business in Kodiak that has a unique method to prepare hunters’ big game trophies. The company, which has 50-thousand workers, would be the island’s largest employer by far, if the owner actually paid them. Mary Donaldson has more. (Nat Sound Intro:04s“…fades out.”) That’s the sound of thousands of workers toiling away at Ken Hanson’s side …

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State Reaches Agreement On Nordic Viking Spill

Jay Barrett/KMXT The State of Alaska has come to a financial settlement with the former owners of the fishing vessel Nordic Viking. Almost a year ago the 130-foot boat ran aground off of Port Gravina in Prince William Sound, spilling 35-hundred gallons of diesel fuel. A Kodiak man, Dale Pruitt, was the skipper at the time of the grounding.

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Marine Debris Littering Kodiak Coastlines

Mary Donaldson/KMXT Constantly, tons of garbage floating in ocean waters washes onshore on beaches worldwide. In Alaska, the trash fouls beaches and interferes with wildlife habitats. A local nonprofit was formed a few years ago that deals with these issues in Kodiak. Mary Donaldson has this report.

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Drummers Gear Up For Saturday Show

Casey Kelly/KMXT The Kodiak Island Drummers held a free concert on the St. Paul Harbor spit today (Tuesday). The performance was a practice run for this Saturday’s concert at the fairgrounds, where the drummers will open up for North Carolina’s Toubab Krewe. The African influenced group is playing a KMXT sponsored set. Casey Kelly stopped by the drummers’ show and …

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Rogue Taxicabs Upsets City Council

Jay Barrett/KMXT Rogue taxicabs continue to be a problem in the city of Kodiak. They are run by people who provide rides to and from work or the grocery stores for their neighbors, for a fee smaller than what a licensed taxi would charge. They mainly serve cannery workers and others in the city’s service industries.

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