Talk of the Rock

Talk of the Rock: Ka’lunek


Host Kayla Desroches sits down with Alutiiq Museum staff to talk about the organization’s new publication, Kal’unek, which focuses on the archaelogical site Karluk One. Exeuctive Director April Laktonen Counceller, Curator of Collections Marnie Leist, and Curator of Archaeology Patrick G. Staltonstall discuss the site’s social, archaelogical, and linguistic impact.

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Talk of the Rock: Marine Debris Ornaments

                                                                        Host Kayla Desroches speaks with artist Bonnie Dillard about her designs for a marine debris fish ornament to decorate the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree this winter. They dicuss how lesson plans for the ornament and community involvent will raise children’s awareness. Also, Leila Pyle joins to talk about marine debris and her collaboration on debris sculptures with Dillard and …

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Talk of the Rock: Filipino Cannery Workers

On this week’s Talk of the Rock, Host Kayla Desroches chats with Diane Rodill, whose father was part of the first wave of Filipino cannery workers in the Kodiak area. Rodill talks her father’s identity, character, and his mysterious life of daring and adventure, and she frames his story with discussion of Filipino history in Alaska and the United States …

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Talk of the Rock: Crab Fest

Today on Talk of the Rock, Host Kayla Desroches talks with Stephanie DeLaGarza about Crab Fest. DeLaGarza works with the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and has been integral in organizing the famous Kodiak festival. They’ll chat about rides, food, and the list of activities on the schedule.

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Talk of the Rock – West Side Stories

On Talk of the Rock today, the Baranof Museum’s Anjuli Grantham tells us about the multi-media project she’s spearheading about the history of Kodiak Island’s West Side. She’s joined by her collaborators, Toby Sullivan, Brianna Petersen, and Tiffany Brunson.

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