Jared Griffin, PhD
General Manager
Mike Wall
Engineering and Programming Director
Davis Hovey
News Director
Brian Venua
Pam Foreman
Development Director
Willy Bethea
Assistant Programming Director
Terry Haines
Morning Host and Alaska Fisheries Report
Joe Stevens
Television Coordinator, Chief Engineer Extraordinaire
Bradly Cobban
Development Assistant
Kirsten Dobroth


Past General Managers

1976-1978 Jeanine “Sunshine” Drinkall
1978-1979 Margy Collom
1979-1984 David W. Thompson
1985-1988 Susan Braine
1988-1994 Kellie K. Law
1994-1995 Jeffrye Young
1995-2003 David Perkins

2003-2023 Michael “po10t8” Wall