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Low water levels in the Buskin could be giving salmon a tough time

Like many places in Alaska, Kodiak is experiencing drought symptoms this summer, and with it lower water levels in many of the island’s rivers and streams. Graham Briley cleans the Buskin weir every morning, including pushing dead and spawned out fish downstream. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT) It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning and Graham Briley is cranking open the …

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Chefs to import wild Alaska salmon to France

A French chef visiting Kodiak Island holds up a freshly caught salmon. (Photo Courtesy of Joel Chenet.) Daysha Eaton/KMXT A group of French chefs have been traveling around Kodiak Island to learn about Alaska wild salmon. They have been meeting with local seafood processors in hope of sourcing king and coho salmon for import back to France where they plan …

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Low Coho Escapement Prompts Buskin Drainage Closure

The very first thing Friday morning, sport fishing for coho salmon in the Buskin River drainage will close by emergency order due to a lack of escapement. The closure starts at one minute past midnight Thurs. Tyler Polum, Fish and Game’s sport fish biologist in Kodiak said that the 2016 season is roughly half over and there are are fewer …

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A Silver Horde Bears Down on Monashka Bay


Jay Barrett/KMXT Attention Kodiak sport fishermen: There are thousands of coho salmon headed toward Monashka Bay, and the Silver Horde could start showing up soon. "We hope that it may be a giant horde of fish," says Kodiak sportsfish biologist Donn Tracy. "The adult coho salmon returning to Monashka Bay this year from the 2011 smolt releases were just about …

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Log Jam in Salmon Stream Culvert Proves Immovable


Dave Kaplan ties off a rope to stumps and logs stuck inside a culvert that connects Mill Bay with Island Lake. There is concern that pink and silver salmon might be blocked from reaching their spawning grounds if the log jam worsens. Brianna Gibbs/KMXT photo Brianna Gibbs/KMXT While the sun was shining brightly Thursday, a group of Kodiak Soil and …

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Kodiak Pink Run Hitting its Stride

Jay Barrett/KMXT The surge of pink salmon to rivers around Kodiak Island has picked up. A week ago the harvest was just 2,200 humpies and yesterday it was just under 300,000. Total pink harvest through Monday is 1.26-million, with an all-species harvest so far this season of 3.37-million. The sockeye catch is just about 1.6-million on a harvest of 43,000 …

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