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Kodiak Pink Run Hitting its Stride

Jay Barrett/KMXT The surge of pink salmon to rivers around Kodiak Island has picked up. A week ago the harvest was just 2,200 humpies and yesterday it was just under 300,000. Total pink harvest through Monday is 1.26-million, with an all-species harvest so far this season of 3.37-million. The sockeye catch is just about 1.6-million on a harvest of 43,000 …

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Harvest Tops 2-Million as Pink Salmon Surge

Jay Barrett/KMXT The Kodiak salmon harvest went over the 2-million mark Monday, with a catch of 203,060 among all species. Fish and Game says the total salmon harvest for the Kodiak Management Area through Monday is 2,185,647. For the first time this season the pink salmon harvest was greater than the sockeye salmon catch, at 92,752 humpies to 83,777 reds. …

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Salmon Harvest Breaches 1-Million

Jay Barrett/KMXT As the calendar flipped to July the Kodiak area salmon harvest went over 1-million fish. Almost 56,000 were harvested on Sunday, with more than half of those, about 32,000, chum salmon. There was just under 20,000 sockeye and almost 4,000 pinks. Harvests Monday were a little less at 38,000, with more than half sockeye. About 30,000 salmon were …

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