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Cleanup in progress for 1,200 gallon oil spill at Kitoi Bay Hatchery

A 1,200 gallon oil spill occurred at the Kitoi Bay Hatchery on the southeastern end of Afognak Island late last week. According to Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association, which manages the hatchery, a crack in a small underground pipe was to blame. Containment booms around Kitoi Bay Hatchery. (Photo courtesy Kelly Krueger/Sun’aq Tribe) Trent Dodson is the production and operations manager …

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The Kitoi Bay Hatchery Wraps up its Cost Recovery Fishing for Pink Salmon

Pink salmon swimming. (Photo: Joe Serio/ USFS/ Flickr) Mitch Borden/KMXT The Kitoi Bay Hatchery thought 10 million pink salmon would return this summer, but only around 2 million showed up. Even though its estimates were off, the hatchery was able to meet 95 percent of its cost recovery fishing goal. Around 5.75 million pounds of pinks were collected. Tina Fairbanks …

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