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Galley Tables enters its seventh season tonight

The seventh season of Galley Tables, Kodiak’s winter storytelling series, launches Friday night at the Convention Center. The opening night theme is “Jerryrigged”. Galley Tables events are historically standing-room only, but Director Sara Loewen says it’s always a challenge finding seven brave storytellers to stand up before an audience of more than 300. Kathleen McKinney delivers a story during Season …

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30 protesters turn out in Kodiak to support global climate strike

Joining millions of demonstrators across Alaska and around the world, Kodiak held its own climate strike on Saturday morning. Roughly 30 protesters turned out on the lawn outside the post office, hoping to spread community awareness and encourage political action on climate change. Protestors gather outside Kodiak’s post office to advocate for climate action on Sept. 21, 2019. (Photo by …

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