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Crew Reunited for Long-Overdue Recognition


Rear Adm. Thomas P. Ostebo gives recognition to the crew of a Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican helicopter, for a 1988 rescue from the fishing vessel Wayward Wind 115 miles southwest of Kodiak, during a ceremony at Air Station Kodiak Thursday, July 19, 2012, in Kodiak. Each of the aircrew members was awarded an Air Medal for their heroic actions that …

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Army Reserve Ship Aground in Kodiak


The United States Army Vessel LCU 2030 Monterrey, grounded on Puffin Island after striking a submerged rock and puncturing its hull. US Coast Guard photos Jay Barrett/KMXT A U.S. Army Reserve ship struck a rock in Chiniak Bay late Friday night and began taking on water. The landing craft Monterrey was then intentionally grounded in front of town, according to …

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