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New study links 2015 murre die-off to food scarcity during the “Blob”

Alaskans may remember a few years ago, when huge numbers of common murres, a type of northern seabird, were washing up dead onshore. A new study from the University of Washington links the large die-off up to food scarcity during a period of extremely warm water temperatures. A dead common murre found in Kodiak during a seven-month beach survey (Photo …

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Federal Gulf cod fishery likely to close as warming waters push cod numbers to lowest on record

The latest Gulf of Alaska trawl survey shows the lowest cod numbers on record. That threatens to close the federal Gulf cod fishery which was slated to begin in less than two months. Cod numbers have been declining for four years, and in Kodiak, just a handful of fishermen are still going after cod. It’s another example of how climate …

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