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Alaska Fisheries Report — June 20, 2019

The US House approved a federal spending bill that would sideline permitting for the Pebble Mine. It passed, but don’t hold your breath. That amendment isn’t likely to even come up in the Republican-controlled Senate.  A delegation from the EPA visited Dillingham to talk to fishermen and the community.  Petersburg fishermen head out to fish Bristol Bay—900 miles from home. …

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Kodiak City Council approves draft budget and a letter opposing Pebble Mine Environmental Impact Statement

City says the Environmental Impact Statement for Pebble Mine poses “more questions than it provides answers.” Letter says it needs more information, analysis and forecasting on fishery impacts–from construction to operation, to worst-case scenarios. Letter also states the potential to harm the ‘Alaska Brand’ would cause all fisheries to suffer if something bad happens to Bristol Bay’s fish.   Photo …

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