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Alutiiq Ancestors’ Memorial Park groundbreaking Friday in Kodiak

Daysha Eaton/ KMXT Kodiak is getting a new park dedicated to the ancestors of Alutiiq people whose remains were removed from the Kodiak Archipelago and are finally being returned. April Laktonen Counceller is Executive Director of the Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository in Kodiak. She says a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Alutiiq Ancestors’ Memorial Park will take place today at …

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Descendants Gather to Welcome Chirikof Ancestors Home

Father Innocent Dresdow performs service on the remains in the room where they’re being kept, in a lower level of the Alutiiq Museum. Photo by April Laktonen Counceller / Alutiiq Museum Kayla Desroches/KMXT After years of work, ancestral remains from a 19th century settlement on Chirikof Island have returned home. In the 1960s, archaeologists removed the bones from Chirikof, which …

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Ground Squirrel: Invasive Species or Native to Island?

Ground squirrel parka made by Susan Malutin and Grace Harrod, 1999. Courtesy the Alutiiq Museum Kayla Desroches/KMXT An archaeologist is studying the ancient ground squirrel on Chirikof Island and trying to figure out when the squirrel would have been introduced to the area and how. Catherine West is a research assistant professor at Boston University and has been coming to …

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