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USAV Monterrey Towed to Seward

Jay Barrett/KMXT The U.S. Army vessel Monterrey left Woman’s Bay, where it had been tied up at Lash Dock for over a week. Army Reserve Major Annemarie Daneker says the 174-foot landing craft left at about 3 p.m. Sunday, under tow, for Seward. Daneker says the ship is now under the supervision of the Naval Sea Systems Command, and all …

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Monterrey Could Be On the Move Friday


A trawler sails out of Kodiak harbor past the grounded U.S. Army Reserve landing craft Monterrey Sunday, as the civilian landing craft Cape Douglas stands by with more oil spill containment boom. Jay Barrett/KMXT photo Jay Barrett/KMXT The U.S. Army Reserve landing craft Monterrey, which has spent all week aground in Kodiak after striking a rock and taking on water, …

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DEC: No Harm to Wildlife Seen in Wake of Monterrey Spill

Jay Barrett/KMXT The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has revised downward the amount of diesel fuel spilled from the U.S. Army Reserve landing craft Monterrey, which was intentionally grounded late Friday night after hitting a charted rock, just off shore of downtown Kodiak. Steven Russel, the ADEC’s on-scene coordinator for Central Alaska, says at least 8,000 gallons were spilled from …

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