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Chiniak Replanting Begins

Sitka spruce bark. Josh Blouin / Flickr Kayla Desroches/KMXT Foresters began replanting the scorched areas of Chiniak on Friday. The borough contracted with Washington-based NorthWind Forest Consultants to recover some of the forest’s former luster. It was damaged in the 2015 Twin Creeks fire. Forester David Nesheim, who is currently in Chiniak, says they’re planting Sitka Spruce sourced from the …

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Frozen Spruce Present Extra Danger When Woodcutting

Bucked Sitka spruce. Wikipedia Commons This first real cold snap in several years around Kodiak has got a local tree expert raising an alarm over tree cutting and log splitting. Dennis Symmons, a tree surgeon when he’s not tending to borough business as an assemblyman, says when the local Sitka Spruce tree freezes, it can become dangerous to handle. “When …

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