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The University of Texas’ associate professor of criminal justice, Michael Gilbert, will be in town starting tomorrow (Friday) hosting several lectures on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP. Gilbert considers himself a “drug warrior” and would like to rethink the war on drugs. Mary Donaldson has more.

You always want what you can’t have, and that is the basis of Dr. Michael Gilbert’s traveling lecture, “The Drug War: Is it Working?” Gilbert has over 20 years of experience working in corrections and criminal justice and says all of the problems that result from drugs in our country are a direct result of prohibition.

(Gilbert 1 :19s “…it does not produce.”)

He believes prohibition doesn’t bring the desired results for less drug use, does not decrease the potency of drugs produced, and doesn’t deter people from using drugs.

He suggests legalizing drugs that are currently illegal in the U.S., and with that action, the country can produce the desired results on the war on drugs.

(Gilbert 2 :25d “…criminal justice solutions.”)

He says taking the nation’s drug problem away from corrections and criminal justice and focusing more on the health risks associated with the drugs, for example what is already being done with alcohol and tobacco, is the answer. Gilbert believes then the U.S. can focus more on treatment for those with drug problems.

(Gilbert 3 :31s “…health and education policy.”)

Lieutenant Ray Ellis of the Kodiak Police Department declined to comment on tape, but says that it is the policy of KPD to enforce the law, and as long as it says drugs are illegal, that they will continue to enforce them.

Gilbert will be in our studio tomorrow (Friday) morning to talk more on LEAP’s goals and ideas, as well as hosting several public presentations that begin tomorrow at Fisherman’s Hall at 7:30 p.m.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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