Loans Approved for Water, Sewer Upgrades


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Keeping Kodiak’s water clean was the purpose behind a pair of resolutions the city council recently passed, authorizing borrowing about 11-million-dollars from the state of Alaska.

Up to 930-thousand dollars could be borrowed for the travel lift boat yard wash down area, and 3-point-75-million for water and sewer replacement projects, but the largest chunk could be borrowed for the ultraviolet drinking water treatment facility.

City Manager Linda Freed said the city is requesting funds from Alaska’s congressional delegation, and that the loans are a back-up plan.

(City Council 1 22 sec "These are for water … is a pretty good deal.")

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation administers the two lending accounts, the Alaska Clean Water Fund and the Alaska Drinking Water Fund.

Councilman Tom Walters expressed dismay over having to scramble for money to pay for regulations imposed on the city from above:

(City Council 2 32 sec "Well yeah, we do … help you with your project.")

Councilman Terry Haines agreed, but added that paying for the water treatment it is doing now is a lot less expensive that what it could have to pay for:

(City Council 3 26 sec "I just wanted to … it seems a little ironic.")

Thursday night was newly-minted Councilman Paul Smith’s first regular meeting, so Mayor Carolyn Floyd properly welcomed him onboard:

(City Council 4 11 sec "Well, I want to formally … the good work." (laughter)

Much of the council is at the Alaska Municipal League conference in Ketchikan this week. The next council work session will be December 9th, and its next regular meeting will be December 11th.


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