Garbage Roll Cart Expansion on Assembly Agenda


Maggie Wall/KMXT

The controversial issue of whether or not to expand roll cart garbage pick-up to areas outside city limits is back on the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly’s agenda.

So is an ordinance to put an area-wide borough sales tax on the ballot for the fall election.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has details.

(Boro Preview 2:38 "A public hearing on … on KMXT.")

A public hearing on the matter was already held-but people in the affected areas may comment during Citizens’ Comments at the beginning of the meeting.

At last week’s work session assembly members learned of a new proposal by Alaska Waste to offer the option of using roll carts or continuing to use dumpsters. That could receive a positive reception from many in the areas being considered for expansion. While, those against the expansion have been most vocal and numerous, there a number of residents in the areas have expressed an interest in roll cart service or in the need for residents to be accountable for their trash.

A number of contracts are also on tonight’s meeting agenda, including one related to performance security for the waste disposal contract with Alaska Waste. As explained by the borough manager, the agreement fairly standard and protects the borough in the event Alaska Waste is unable for some reason to complete their original contract for waste disposal.

Also up for consideration is the contract between the borough and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce for economic planning and development. This is an on-going arrangement in which the borough and the city have traditionally split funding for an economic development specialist.

One resolution being considered tonight is said to be a major part of the high school remodeling and expansion. It deals with how the borough will manage the day-to-day decisions that need to be made as construction progresses. Staff is recommending the borough hire a Construction Manager as General Contractor at Risk who would coordinate and keep tabs on things. The manager would work with the borough and the builder to ensure that the borough’s interests were represented at all times in the project and to help keep costs down.

And finally, the idea of a borough-wide sales tax is back again. A borough sales tax ordinance is being introduced this evening. A nearly identical measure last year died after a close vote by the assembly. The ordinance would put the question of whether or not to implement an area-wide sales tax on the ballot for the fall local elections.

Assembly members said during last week’s work session that they want to give plenty of time for comments.

Tonight’s regular borough assembly meeting will be held in the borough assembly chambers at 7:30 and will be broadcast live on KMXT.


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